Host a Meet-up

As an Apostrophe S Host you’ll get to learn new techniques and crafting tips while having fun. You’ll also earn discounts on your own kits! The more friends you gather to make at your meet-up, the more credit you earn.

No sales pitches, no catalogs. Just a great time making things together!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Set a date and time for your meet-up.
  2. Talk with your coordinator to create a guest list, start the invite process, and go over the schedule.
  3. Find out who’s coming. Your coordinator will help you follow up on guests orders.
  4. Have fun making at the meet-up.
  5. Use your earned credit to buy a great project.

Host credits will be calculated based on how many kits were sold at any meet-up with sales totaling $150 or more.

Number of Kits Sold Apostrophe S Host Credits Earned
1-4 kits 15 credits
5-7 kits 25 credits
8-11 kits 40 credits
12-15 kits 75 credits
16-19 kits 100 credits
20 or more kits 125 credits

Host credits spend like real dollars when purchasing Apostrophe S products and can be applied to product and shipping charges at checkout (1 Host Credit = $1.00). A Host’s total kit and sales count is based on the cumulative event purchases—which includes: presales, and sales at the meet-up and any post-event purchases made up to 7 days following the meet-up. Following the seven-day period your earned host store credits will be available for you to use for part or all of a product purchase.

Ready to host a meet-up?
Send us an email at or call us 1-844-MAKE-IT-S (625-3487) and we'll connect you with one of our amazing coordinators!