making all-inclusive creative project kits with friends, learning-centered gatherings without sales-pitches, and straight-forward extra income potential.

Made Possible

Apostrophe S picks up where Pinterest leaves you hanging. Turning an idea photo into a finished project can be challenging, and DIY failure can be costly and time consuming.

Our all-inclusive project kits provide an ideal introduction for aspiring makers, because we include instructional videos, pre cut pieces, and any tools where needed.

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Get-togethers Without Sales Pitches

While DIY is great, DIT (do it together) is better. Apostrophe S is built around a casual get-together where makers of all skill levels can encourage each other, teach and be taught by one another, and celebrate the success and satisfaction making brings. Since your guests get to place their orders online before the meet-up their time at the event is spent on creating, making memories, and having fun.

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Not Your Typical Opportunity

Apostrophe S is focused on growing a base of passionate sales coordinators that are seeking a fresh approach to doing business—a home based business where friends help friends realize their creative ability. We’re different because there’s no catalogs, no forms to fill out and no complicated direct sales structure, just a simple business opportunity and straightforward commission structure.

Our independent coordinators earn extra cash and reward points for gift cards to some fantastic stores and restaurants. They also get to choose their desired level of activity, and set their own schedules. You don't have to be a creative expert or professional marketer to be a coordinator. Sound interesting?

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The Apostrophe S team has a breadth of experience in the network marketing and craft industries. We all represent different backgrounds and skill sets, but we have at least one thing in common: we are passionate about providing you with an offering and opportunity that's not just different, but better than anything we've seen.
We're all people at the end of the day, who value the same things you do-family, faith, honesty, and creativity. We don't want unrealistic expectations placed on us, so we aren't going to place them on you. We've worked to make Apostrophe S something that each of us would participate in as a customer or coordinator.


Pragmatic leader; creative thinker; absent-minded professor of innovation; health fanatic with mild Diet Coke disorder; improving business one rapid experiment at a time.


Entrepreneur; maker; developer of fabulous humans; mad scientist mom; sword fighter; lover of anime, books, and French pastries; future giant robot pilot; chutzpah.


Designer; meticulous maker; value communicator; lover of books, type, and adhesives; player (of video games); prolific Google documenter; and last because best: grateful dad & husband.


Writer, aspiring foodie, expert bedtime story teller, yarn snob, adoring wife, lover of all things coconut, eager learner, frazzled but completely enamored mommy of three littles.


Family-centered; people person; lover of movies and books; Dr. Pepper and popcorn addict; friend; wannabe seamstress; memory keeper; holiday enthusiast; road-tripper.


We sought to choose a name that was distinctive, and that visually expressed the empowered maker concept. Creativity can be deeply personal, and is about the individual's pride in what they make. When you put an "apostrophe s" on the end of something it becomes possessive about ownership and taking responsibility for turning aspirations into action.



Our brand is created in the image of an iconic age-old logo type: the maker's mark. Through the centuries craftsman have created works and put their mark on them to tell the world they made it and were proud of it. It is in this spirit that we want you to feel the pride and satisfaction earned by making something with your own two hands.



Our tagline emphasizes the individual choices you make when taking ownership of your creative aspirations. Your choices shape what you make, and reflect who you are. We empower you to decide the who, what, when, where, why and how in your projects, creative gatherings, and independent business. Whatever you choose, we want you to make it yours.

Apostrophe S empowers everyone to become a maker-even those who may not believe it's possible.